Who qualifies for Membership in Executive Forum?

Lehigh Valley Executive Forum is a group of business owners and key decision makers. Members of the Executive Forum are individuals who make things happen in their company and who get things done. They are leaders in the business community as well as in their own company. Membership is exclusive to one business in a category so your competitors will not be present.

What are the requirements for being a member of the Forum?

Our two rules of membership are (a) pay membership dues (currently $205 per quarter) and (b) attend 75% of our regularly scheduled meetings. Our meetings are the first and third Wednesdays of every month at 7:30 am. The cost of your breakfast at the meetings is included in your membership dues so you will not be paying anything additional throughout the year unless we have a unique event. In order to gain the greatest benefit from your member, we expect that you get involved and become a resource to the group – by providing content for a meeting, advice on a business issue, or sharing your contacts for someone looking for a connection.

What can I expect to get out of a meeting?

Our meetings vary greatly. They range from presentations by members with a small info session on what their business does and then valuable information they have gained over the years – it could range from topics on customer service, to marketing to employee retention. We also tour local non-member businesses for a behind the scenes look at their facilities and hear about their processes. Local business leaders are speakers to update us on what’s happening in the Lehigh Valley – in the past we have heard from Representative Charlie Dent, Mayor Sal Panto, LVEDC President Don Cunningham. We also hear from local colleges and educational facilities (LV Charter School for Performing Arts, BAVTS, Kutztown University) to see expertise and contribution they are making to the business environment. One of the most valuable parts of our bi-monthly meetings is the fact that you get to see the members twice a month to exchange ideas, pass along contacts, and request assistance on a situation in your business.

What distinguishes Executive Forum from other business groups?

The Executive Forum has a unique atmosphere of camaraderie, cooperation and simply having each other’s back. We like to call it our business support group. The fact that we enjoy each other’s company is evident at the meetings. But, we know when it is time to get down to business and we enjoy working together on projects. We know that we can count on a forum member to get the job done whether it is for us or one of our clients.