nestle exec forumMembership in The Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley puts you and your company in front of one of the most effective total business resources in the area. Since our founding in 2001, we have worked hard to bring on owners and executives of some of the most recognizable and successful businesses the Valley has to offer.

Our member companies range in size from small to thousand employees. Our members must be owners of or executives within their company, and must be willing to discuss the challenges, successes, and strategies that we all encounter in running our businesses on a daily basis. Many of our meetings are held off-site at business locations, which can be an effective way to profile your business.

While membership is strictly held to an invitation-only basis, we encourage you to reach out to an existing member whom you may already know, or our membership Chairperson. They are happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding our bi-weekly meetings. Once we have had the chance to discuss your business, as well as vet any potential overlap with an existing member, we can discuss attending one of our meetings as a guest.

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What does it mean to be a member of the Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley? Many people join organizations, but many more do not get really involved. How many groups are you a “member” of, but only see a few members engaged or participating?

EF is a dedicated group of business owners and decision-makers who share a commitment to quality and an ethical environment in which to conduct business. It is built upon member participation! We all know that you get out what you put into any organization, but participation begins with knowing what your organization is really all about and what it has to offer. Participation is the driving force and is essential at every level to the EF. Whether it is leadership, networking, committee participation, advocacy, or meetings, your participation is the driving force behind EF.


There are many ways to participate — start simple and build; for example:

• Keep your company information current in the newly-redesigned EF website. The member directory section is your chance to showcase your company.
• Share industry awards and other recognition your company has received by linking a post to the website.
• Company anniversaries: 25, 50, 75 years are milestones! Celebrate with the membership.
• Join a committee or chair a committee – committees and objectives are posted to the website.
• Serve in an advocacy role. Members have represented the best interests of the membership when they are spotlighted in the community.
• Share knowledge! EF members are a part of other organizations; help keep EF updated on issues pertinent to the forum as a whole.
• The world has many Indians, but always needs good chiefs — become a member of the executive board.


Members should consider the following:

• Receive the benefits of what you pay for by attending as many program events as possible; business meetings, are great networking opportunities with members.
• Stay “Connected” and up-to-date with the website.
• Consider opening your facility to host a membership meeting.
• Have something worthwhile to share – contact the programming committee about presenting at a meeting.

The key is to be proactive and not inactive. Can EF count on your participation?