Jill Wheeler, City Center

From 08/05/20 7:30 am until 08/05/20 9:00 am

5CC homeCome to the Steel Club in Hellertown to hear Jill from City Center present an update. Steel Club is located at 700 Linden Ave, Hellertown, PA 18055.

It will be 6 years this September that the PPL Center opened in Downtown Allentown.  Since then there have been 5 new office buildings with over 5000 new employees to Downtown Allentown, over 800 apartments with almost 1000 new residents to Downtown Allentown, multiple restaurants, including the Downtown Allentown Market and this is still just the beginning.  The presentation will give background and perspective on the development to date, what is currently in planning and development for the near future, how COVID impacted us and some insight on how our company contributes to the neighborhoods around Hamilton Street.