IMG 1732On June 20th, Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley members convened at the Sands Conference Center in Bethlehem for the second quarter “members only” meeting, which provided a refresher for members on strategic goals. Members also received complimentary, professional headshots from Christmas City Studios.

The membership analyzed performance on key objectives year-to-date, assessed the strategy for the remaining year and reviewed its purpose, mission and core values. Every Forum meeting has the members’ best interest in mind with ideas on how to grow together. The Forum’s unofficial mottos are “You need to be engaged,” "It is not what you get but what you give."


The Forum does not just consist of 40 members but 40 leaders with the values of providing encouragement, dedication, accountability, and being a solid resource to one another. Forum meetings are intended to be concise, informative and resourceful.IMG 1734

The Executive Forum is seeking to continue its growth, methodically adding high quality members. Forum leadership has always espoused the “quality over quantity” philosophy. When Forum members encounter potential future Forum members these considerations should be kept in mind:

• Focus on speaking to the decision maker for the business.
• Invite prospect to a meeting which is held at the Sands.
• Direct them to our website.
• Reach out to someone on the Membership Committee to let them know who you are inviting.
• Send the potential candidate the application.
• The membership committee will meet and discuss the new candidate, schedule a meeting with them and have an approval or denial within a month.

Members are reminded to check the website for upcoming events, and they have the ability to pay dues online. Also, there will be some changes with our LinkedIn page and the addition of a discussion group to help make it easier for members to communicate between meetings about pressing issues. Lastly, this year’s opening election in September are for the positions of president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and member at large.