LVTechOn February, 20th Lehigh Valley Technology Company spoke to the Lehigh Valley Executive Forum members about current trends in information technology (IT). IT is more than just a synonym for technology, it is an important pulse to your business.

When you think computers, printers, password issues, connection problems, software, emails, cloud computing, disaster recovery, think of Lehigh Valley Technology which is strictly an IT company in large volumes. They offer remote monitoring and management 365 days a year and 24/7. They are a watchdog for your servers, work stations, and firewall.

Downtime costs money when your servers go down. They can see problems before they come up. Your issues will be addressed without you or the company even realizing. You will never miss a beat!


They have a unique selling proposition. They have zero markups on hardware and consistently evaluate and upgrade their own systems. They don’t sell anything! They provide a solution and an outcome so you can live stress-free and just focus on your business. They can host your business email and make sure it is consistent and functioning properly.

Already have an IT staff? How about augmenting a backup that provides leadership and additional support that goes beyond your in house staff. This way you have a more proactive partnership. Do you lay away at night worrying about future disasters and how you would deal with that if it unfortunately happened?

Lehigh Valley Technology provides backup and disaster recovery. Within 10 to 15 min you can be back up and running after or during a flood, fire or any type of disaster. Almost nobody has a perfect IT strategy but Lehigh Valley Technology LLC and Oxcent LLC are always here to tell you everything you need to hear and won't waste your time with systems that won't work or anything you don't need.

You need an IT budget and you definitely don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to IT support and seamless functionality. IT support is serious for everyday profitability and functionality of your business. After all the world we live in depends on software!