servicearea1On February 6th, Allentown-based HVAC and electrical contractor, Meisner Services, presented to the Forum about their services and new innovations in HVAC. Meisner services in Allentown is a five start choice when it comes to local Heating, Cooling and electrical. They provide no hassle service, individual attention with a modern twist.

Some of their recent projects have been rather large and include.

  • Faith Church
  • Lehigh Valley Pain
  • Easton Charter School
  • Rexroth

One of their vendors with LG introduced an impressive and new system that they just rolled out. This modern heating and cooling system is efficient and quick and can be installed in residential homes to large commercial projects.

This system offers simultaneous heating and cooling which means some zones can be in cooling and heating at the same time. It’s Quiet, Low maintenance and efficiency are unmatched with little or no ductwork. Cost is very affordable with over 15 to 30 years of life and you should get a payback within 3 to 5 years. This is Not a typical conventional system And diagnostics are done through a laptop.

This system is great for small spaces, old homes, large commercial spaces, any and everything that needs heating and cooling!

Meisner Services is on top of the newest and latest developments and is ready to help with your next project, large or small!