IMG 7811In April 2019, Jeffrey Aster of Personal Security Solutions, LLC brought up some important questions and facts when it can come to personal safety and safety on the move.

Do you know how many Kidnapped for ransom cases there have been since 2015? This will blow your mind! There have been 1,800 and another 1,200 not reported. The Average ransom that is paid in the U.S. is $80,0000.

Not so fun fact...Unprofessional criminals can be more dangerous. What are some of the reasons people commit a crime like this? They could have gambling debt or a small amount of debt that they need to get out of and in their mind kidnapping with ransom could be a quick resolution to the situation they are in.


How can Personal Security Systems LLC help you? They provide static detail agents that are professionally dressed, they blend in and are present to provide security for you, your family, celebrities or business partners.

They can disarm someone before you even blink and eye! Their professional training and experience allow them to teach someone to manage a person's mindset to keep them calm and in control. They even customize programs on staff control within the workplace.

Personal homes are our castles just like our offices. Technology and security systems cannot react if something is happening at that moment. It just makes a loud noise to hopefully deter someone. When the police can’t get there in time if there is a threat, you are the first responder. Take the steps to protect your castle or your business.

If there is an attack they work on figuring out the motive if there is one.

Take back control and consider Personal Security Solutions LLC to serve and protect you and your business!