Kurz sandler exec forum lvTodd Kurz of Sandler Training - Lehigh Valley presented to the Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley on Wednesday, February 5, 2020. The event was held at the Wind Creek Hotel in Bethlehem and the topic was sales training. Kurz has been an expert in sales training for approximately 25 years working with regional businesses on helping their sales staff hone their craft from prospecting to close. The Sandler Training philosophy has not only been embraced by businesses around the world background but it has also been incorporated into Harvard’s business curriculum.


In Kurz' presentation, he provided background on his experience and the Sandler brand. He then took the group through a series of exercises asking the group to:

  • SuccessTriangleRank in order of importance your perception of price, service, and quality when evaluating vendors.
  • Ask yourself if you are a shopper when buying? Do you request multiple quotes? Understanding your buying habits helps you understand your selling technique. According to Kurz, people sell in a similar manner to the way that they buy.
  • Describe your company's sales cycle in two sentences or less? It is long or short? Does it request multiple prospect touches?

Kurz also shared the Sales Quadrant Model that is a tool to visual personal selling success. To the right is the image.

Kurz characterized and segments prospects into three groups: 20-60-20. This represents back, gray, and white. Those who are the "black" are in the bottom 20% and will not buy from you. Those in the top 20% are the "white" value your product or service and will buy from you. Those who are "gray" are not yet sold on your service, but are engaged buyers and want to understand if you sell a solution to their problem. Kurz says that this 60% group of prospect is the most time consuming and yet offers the most fertile soil for sales success. The goal of the salesperson is to get as quickly as possible to the close. The "close" is either solidifying the contract or closing the file on a dead opportunity.

A key to sales success is what self-awareness to ask good questions, exude positive body language, and draw the issues and information out of the prospects to understand their challenges and desires solutions. To learn more about Sandler Training - Lehigh Valley or Todd Kurz visit Sandler.com