Screen Shot 2020 04 15 at 8.37.39 AMOn April 15, thirty members met virtually at 7:30 am. The meeting format has changed from the standard live program, but still embodied the same spirit that distinguishes the Executive Forum. President Rob Baker gave his opening remarks and encouragement, followed by a brief update from each attendee. The meeting quickly moved to the featured presenter Amy Lafko, founder and president of Cairn Consulting Solutions (CCS). CCS specializes in three areas: A cairn serves three purposes: Establish the path to success, Clarify the best route when the path diverges, and Identify hidden obstacles and challenges.

Amy spoke on The Kubler-Ross change curve and various growth strategies to equip business owners to evaluate their personal, team, and organizational response to the crisis. Specifically, the Kubler-Ross change curve gives executives a tool to identify their own feelings and state-of-mind to enable them to lead others through discussions and collaboration during and post-pandemic.


Amy fielded several questions and members were also able to banter through the Zoom chat function. Her call to call was for business owners to emerge better and stronger during the COVID-19 pandemic. This continues to be part of the Executive Forum’s mission – to keep business strong in the Lehigh Valley!