detour to heavenThe Executive Forum once again reconvened June 17th on Zoom for a monthly meeting. The group has always been interested in topics beyond business that contribute to the wholeness of the individual as well as the community. This includes seeking to maintain the work / life balance and encouraging community involvement. Dale Reppert was the featured guest, and he challenged the group to reflect on lessons learned during the pandemic like time with family and savoring life’s simple pleasures.

Reppert, formerly Senior Vice President of Investments with Morgan Stanley, was Dale Reppertdiagnosed with a rare condition known as Chiari Malformation. Reppert had no choice but to have surgery, that was ultimately successful in correcting the problem, but he would contract a deadly form of bacterial meningitis that would spiral into septic shock. His life-threatening condition required a second brain surgery to save his life. Dale nearly died from the infection and two operations, but he would survive. The aftermath, however, resulted in severe disabilities which would exact an enormous toll on his health. So much so that he would be compelled to step down from his career as a financial professional. His rehabilitation took years and would take every bit of resolve and determination he had. In Dale’s own words, “ I would experience a detour that would change my life forever.”


Dale shared about his new perspective on life, sharing emotional moments, and challenged the audience to not let their professional lives overtake their personal lives. “The only thing that a dying man values is his memories of living,” Reppert admitted. “The definition of wealth is financial abundance, but that is a fallacy. Real wealth is found with the people and the experiences that you have with them.”

Reppert’s story can be found at his web site His book is also available on his web site as well as Amazon, click to learn more.