On July 22, 2020, the Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley met face-to-face, as well as having a Zoom option, at the Four Points Sheridan across from Dorney Park in Allentown. The featured presenter was Scott Gingold, owner of Lehigh Valley Technology Company. Ten were in physical attendance and another 17 joined virtually via zoom. Scott’s presentation was timely and addressed the technological challenges and opportunities in today’s business environment.

Scott lvtechScott identified the below challenges during COVID:

  • Many businesses did (do) not have the proper infrastructure needed to support remote workers for an extended period.
  • Misunderstanding of systems like VPN, Video Conferencing, Phone Systems, etc. led many companies to struggle.
  • Stressed (by workload and talent level) internal IT departments.
  • Working with the wrong (i.e. “cheap”) IT vendor they found the vendor lacked the documentation, SLA ‘s, systems, resources and redundancy needed to properly support their clients.
  • All too many businesses lack(ed) the proper equipment to function remotely.

He also identified some anticipated challenges moving forward:

  • Shortage of hardware (big versus medium or small)
  • Businesses using freelancers versus employees
  • All too many businesses do not understand their own systems and network
  • Second wave of COVID-19 and civil unrest
  • Working from home-
  • Technology and Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Vacation autoresponders
  • Lack of security awareness training
  • Compliance (HIPAA, SOX, PCI, etc.)
  • Home computers and other users
  • Lack of proper security controls and Operating Systems
  • Working conditions, childcare and mental well-being (workspace)
  • A plethora of HR issues
  • Breaches, home router?
  • BYOD
  • Work hours-66% working from home say they’re more likely to work nights and weekends
  • Mental Health/Emotional Issues
  • Education System-2 to 3 generations of problems ahead

He gave the following advice to business leaders:

  • Don’t listen to buzzwords (i.e. VPN)
  • Do not be lax. Hope and faith are wonderful but rarely work when it comes to technology and cybersecurity
  • Be proactive-
  • Security Awareness Training (financial scams)
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Hardware lifecycle management and replacement schedules
  • Use 2FA and proper password protocol
  • Focus on value, NOT price!

For more information on the technological challenges that businesses face Lehigh Valley Technology Company can be reached at LHVTech.com. You can also read his June 2020 article that appeared in the Morning Call by following this link.