City Center activities since 2014On Wednesday, August 5, 2020 the Forum met at The Steel Club in Hellertown. Eleven were in attendance on-site with another 17 tuning in via Zoom to hear Jill Wheeler, VP of Sales & Marketing of City Center Allentown. Jill provided an overview of City Center's activities since its inception in 2014. She discussed the changing demand for office space due to the desires of Millennials as well as the effects of COVID. This includes more flexible leases and additional touchless surfaces and technologies. Additionally, City Center uncovered great demand for apartment space, and they plan on continuing to meet that demand with new residential projects in the planning stages. Jill also cast a vision for the future of Allentown as the area continues to grow and change under the impact of the coronavirus. Below are several slides that depict the activities of City Center.

The quality of the presentation and the relationship with City Center Allentown is indicative of the power and reach of the Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley and the value that members receive.

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