Jeffrey P. Aster, began his law enforcement career just after graduating Basic and Advanced Training, enlisting in the US Army reserves, as a Combat Engineer. He attended the Police Academy in Philadelphia PA and was hired before graduation. He conducted patrol duties and criminal investigations until 1990, then was appointed to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General and was assigned as a field agent in the narcotics bureau, initiating and conducting undercover drug investigations. In 1992 he was chosen to represent the Attorney Generals Office as a liaison, instructor, and squad leader for an elite school titled PA. Top Gun, an intense 60 plus hour in-depth drug investigation school that was adopted from New Jersey and made available to PA Law Enforcement officers. During his tenure at Top Gun, the staff guided and taught over 1,600 officers through that program, including, undercover operations, ethical use of confidential sources, and tactical entry techniques and procedures. 

Jeff also was assigned to the Organized Crime and Narcotics Unit and the Special Operations Group (SOG) which served as the tactical team of the Attorney Generals Office. Jeff retired in 2010 after 20 years of dedicated service to the OAG. He then contracted with the United States Department of State and Department of Defense and deployed to Afghanistan where he served as an adviser to various military units of the coalition forces and mentored Afghan security forces for two years. Between deployments, he continued to teach tactical techniques to Law Enforcement and was brought out of retirement again in July of 2014 being hired by the District Attorney of Carbon County to liaison with all law enforcement involved with special investigations. Jeff began researching active shooter in 2011 during his deployments in Afghanistan, the similarity between active shooter and the infamous green on blue attacks on our forces and loyal Afghan Police and Soldiers was the beginning of what has continually evolved into his flagship presentation Staff Response To An Active Armed Assailant. Training, experience, and real-world lessons learned over his career that spans over 43 years of combined military and law enforcement is his way to educate, and help save lives.

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