Scott Gingold and Ryahn Toole of Lehigh Valley Technology Company presented to the Executive Forum on March 16th to discuss cybersecurity. After surveying the members to find out what they wanted to learn about cybersecurity, Gingold and Toole were able to create a presentation to answer all of their questions. 

The presentation began by discussing why one should care about the topic of cybersecurity. It was made known how common cyber-attacks are in small and medium-sized companies. 

The true cost of being targeted by a ransomware attack isn't just financial. In fact, 83% said their organization performed major tech updates following the attack. Of that group, 71% felt that the updates negatively impacted their productivity and ability to carry out daily tasks. An additional 64% even permanently lost login credentials or important documents as a result, further proving that the best time to install significant security updates is before the necessity is demonstrated. 

When it comes to ransomware, there are simple and not so simple steps to take to fight ransomware. Some simple steps include backups, phishing training, and removal of unnecessary external access. Some not so simple steps include ditching traditional anti-virus systems, removal of local administrator rights, and more.

The team also discussed the importance of data security and using a remote workforce. Home and public networks are almost never secure. Meaning any documents on your device are not as safe as when you are connected to the company network. In this case, Gingold recommends using a cloud network like Microsoft 365.

The cost of cybersecurity can vary depending on the number of users. When doing nothing, you put your company at risk of damaging its reputation - resulting in loss of business and more.