Embassy Bank Presents at the Executive Forum

How are Embassy Bank and Sue McCann different from other lenders in the Lehigh Valley?
On Wednesday, June 12, 2019 Sue McCann from Embassy Bank ave the Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley an overview of the bank's commercial banking services. Here is an outline of her presentation.
They are a local lender, they have local processors, local banking, local everything! Never call a 1-800 number again! Know your bankers and keep your finances local. Embassy offers many different commercial loan programs for your business whether you need to purchase new equipment, need funds for expansion or are starting a new business.
Embassy has free business checking. No minimum balances, no check charges, free online banking and 2.25% on business money market accounts! Deposits are available the same day. They also offer merchant card processing and Employee Benefits for your company.
They give back constantly! $8 million dollars has been donated to the Lehigh Valley over time! Embassy bank always there for your local banking needs! 

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Advice for Disaster Prevention

9358 5193fb5f 3533 4063 894b 2bc3ff1b3be6Servepro of the Lehigh Valley presented to the Lehigh Valley Executive Forum in April 2019. The presentation centered around disaster prevention and response when on-site issues occur, from mold damage to water issues. 
Steve and Dawn have over 28 years of experience. They are the only Masters of water and masters of fire and water within a 50-mile radius.  They own 3 out of the 4 franchises in the valley. There are 1,500 franchises nationwide. When you have a small leak that could have been from a toilet or tub overflowing or a large disaster, think of the experience that Servepro can offer you! One of their locations is at 860 N. Kiowa street in Allentown.
There to help you look good when it comes to your commercial space or personal home! They deal with all the bad and ugly things. They also do lift and aerial work! Something to keep in mind when it comes to mold. If you have a water issue this is a timeline of what would happen.
Within minutes of a water issue, it will be absorbed into walls and floors. One to 24 hours walls start to swell then furniture begins to swell and crack, then a musty odor appears and dues and inks bleed.

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Meisner Presents

servicearea1On February 6th, Allentown-based HVAC and electrical contractor, Meisner Services, presented to the Forum about their services and new innovations in HVAC. Meisner services in Allentown is a five start choice when it comes to local Heating, Cooling and electrical. They provide no hassle service, individual attention with a modern twist.

Some of their recent projects have been rather large and include.

  • Faith Church
  • Lehigh Valley Pain
  • Easton Charter School
  • Rexroth

One of their vendors with LG introduced an impressive and new system that they just rolled out. This modern heating and cooling system is efficient and quick and can be installed in residential homes to large commercial projects.

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Security Firm Presents to the Forum

IMG 7811In April 2019, Jeffrey Aster of Personal Security Solutions, LLC brought up some important questions and facts when it can come to personal safety and safety on the move.

Do you know how many Kidnapped for ransom cases there have been since 2015? This will blow your mind! There have been 1,800 and another 1,200 not reported. The Average ransom that is paid in the U.S. is $80,0000.

Not so fun fact...Unprofessional criminals can be more dangerous. What are some of the reasons people commit a crime like this? They could have gambling debt or a small amount of debt that they need to get out of and in their mind kidnapping with ransom could be a quick resolution to the situation they are in.

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Lehigh Valley Technology Presents to the Executive Forum

LVTechOn February, 20th Lehigh Valley Technology Company spoke to the Lehigh Valley Executive Forum members about current trends in information technology (IT). IT is more than just a synonym for technology, it is an important pulse to your business.

When you think computers, printers, password issues, connection problems, software, emails, cloud computing, disaster recovery, think of Lehigh Valley Technology which is strictly an IT company in large volumes. They offer remote monitoring and management 365 days a year and 24/7. They are a watchdog for your servers, work stations, and firewall.

Downtime costs money when your servers go down. They can see problems before they come up. Your issues will be addressed without you or the company even realizing. You will never miss a beat!

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