Executive Forum Members Share Business Advice with One Another

Image 2The Lehigh Valley Executive Forum is about helping others achieve continued success in their field. We are a connection to qualified business owners and are a continued resource for our membership group. At the October 31st meeting at the Sands Conference Center, Executive Forum members took the time to share business tips with each other. Each member was tasked with the goal of bringing one business tip that they felt worthwhile to share with the entire group. Below are the tips that were shared:

Sandy (K&H) – make sure the appearance of your facility reflects the message you want to send to customers, visitors It needs to matches your brand and identity.

Barry (Your Neighborhood Drycleaner) – consider using text message reminders to customers to remind of appointments and communicate with your customers.

Todd (Sandler Training) - don’t sell features and benefits (your competitors will be selling them). Instead, fix dysfunctions for your customer. You can say these are the typical problems I come across – how can I help you with them. It enables you to differentiate yourself.

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Meeting Forum Member Jennifer Schimmel

Who is Jennifer Schimmel?

At the October 17th meeting at the Sands Conference Center, new member in 2019 Jennifer Schimmel presented to the group. Her topic was Jennifer Schimmel. She is a full-time Realtor, Associate Broker & Owner of Keller Williams Real Estate located in Bethlehem Township.

Jennifer has 18 years experience in her field as a Real Estate expert. Her team of 7 adopts the same principles and values of honesty, integrity and to always do the right thing. The Jennifer Schimmel team is a direct reflection of the extensive training and support within Keller Williams Real Estate, Their independent knowledge and experience of the real estate market shines beyond their welcoming smile and personalities.

No bogus fees or sales tactics!

The numbers speak for themselves. Out of 500 agents in the Lehigh Valley Realtor database, The Jennifer Schimmel Team ranks within the top 13! Also maintaining a top 1% of real estate agents position consecutively each year. Keller Williams Bethlehem has also been the Number #1 office in the Lehigh Valley every year!

Year to date our office closed 376 more homes than our closest competitor in the Lehigh Valley! On average our sales price is about $240,000!

Our local real estate market is still very strong!

When considering a Real Estate agent for your most valuable asset, consider speaking with Jennifer Schimmel! Check out her website at JennySoldMine.com for impressive home videos and testimonials!

Bethlehem Area School District Superintendent Addresses the Forum

DrRoyEducation and the setbacks through the eyes of Bethlehem Area School District; a presentation by Joseph J. Roy, Ed.D

Have you seen the changes BASD has made? Do you want to be a part of it? You may or may not have seen their new logo, if not go to https://www.beth.k12.pa.us/ and check it out!

Bethlehem school district employs 1,900 people, and there are 22 schools that make up the district. Their current enrollment is currently close to 14,000 students. Our schools build our community and are a crucial impact to our future, locally as well as statewide. There are challenges that students face everyday that are direct barriers to their education. Most of the barriers many students face with every age group are lack of food in the household, poverty, unsafe housing, domestic violence, racial bias, social insecurities and frequent changes in residences. These issues impact a child’s willingness to learn, time in the classroom and the support that they need. BASD partners with united way, non profits and valley youth house to help knock down those barriers so all kids can access their education.

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American Red Cross Speaks to the Forum

The Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley met on September 9, 2018 in the Berks County meeting room within the Sands Bethlehem Casino.

Jim Ebersole with American Red Cross Training Services explained what the American Red Cross is about and the services they offer to individuals and businesses.

American Red Cross Lehigh Valley-Bucks Chapter over the past year has been responsible for responding to and providing assistance for 115 local disasters, and assisting 631 people. They installed 1,209 free lifesaving smoke alarms, collected 17,654 blood donations, provided 932 services for military members, veterans and their families. First Aid Training has been provided for 15,234 people. The pillowcase project has trained 319 students in disaster preparedness.

Don't wait until you need it! Take advantage of The America Red Cross workplace safety, ECC updates, training courses with live simulation, online portal, digital certification, AED training, employee training, lifeguard and babysitter training!

There are 1,200,000 people here to help in their Lehigh, Northampton and Bucks county chapter. This is a local service that can help you in so many ways, don't just bypass it.

There are 40 million injuries reported each year and 300,000 cardiac arrest incidents each year. Those numbers could be lowered with The American Red Cross training.

Check out these statistics. Are you at risk? Do you want to be part of a solution?

  • 33% said lives have been saved at home and at the workplace as a result of First Aid, CPR and AED training provided at work.
  • 75% said injuries or medical conditions have been treated in the workplace with this training.
  • 36% at OSHA-regulated businesses felt it would be valuable to offer training more frequently than every 2 years.
  • 55% cannot get First Aid or CPR or AED training from their employer and even if employers do offer this training, it's often either one or the other.
  • 50% of all US workers cannot locate the AED at work.
  • You do not need to invest that much time in training. When it comes down to learning how to save a life, you can also build camaraderie at the same time! The American Red Cross has reduced their training time by 40% with their simulation training. There are different levels of training to fit your needs. You also have the opportunity to become an instructor or trainer.

Are you prepared to help? Schedule your training today!

Three New Members Join Executive Forum

Recently, three new members applied and were approved for membership in the Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley recently. They include:

Meisner Services; a heating, cooling and electric services company based in Allentown.

Sandler Training; a sales training organization with offices in Allentown.

Imperial Realty; a commercial real estate sales & leasing company in Allentown.

The board and membership extends a warm welcome to the new members.