Nestle Waters Hosts the Executive Forum

The Well-Known Bottling Facility, Nestle Waters, Hosted the Lehigh Valley Executive Forum

nestleThis morning's meeting at Nestle Waters gave our group an insider's look at their manufacturing process. Every time we have off-site meetings I learn a ton. I was intrigued by their processes that they have in place, metrics for quality and feedback loop for continuous improvement. These are great take-aways for all our businesses, and it was something that I walked away thinking about for my own business. 

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Charlie Dent Speaks at the Executive Forum

Congressman Charlie Dent Addresses Area Business Leaders at Lehigh Valley Executive Forum Event

executive forum charlie dentThe Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley hosted over 100 area business executives and owners today for a candid discussion with Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) on the broad range of issues affecting the region’s business and manufacturing communities.

Congressman Dent, a lifelong resident of the Lehigh Valley, shared some of the initiatives that he has been working on in Washington. Topics included a summary of his work as a subcommittee Chairman on the House Appropriations Committee and how those efforts resonate here in the Lehigh Valley, the adverse impact that regulatory burdens have had on employers and the broader economy, and the role that Congress has in shaping the future of healthcare policies.

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Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley Unveils New Logo

Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley Unveils New Logo

Executive Forum Logo Like many organizations, the Executive Forum of the Lehigh Valley has been steadily growing with a focus on giving members access to resources and education. As the years passed the leadership of the business resource group realized that they had grown out of their logo. 

The original logo was created in the height of the cold war, when Reagan was president and the Phillies actually had a winning record. Suffice it to say, it was time for some freshening up. 

To the left is the old Executive Forum logo which uses 50 shades of blue. To the right is the new EF logo designed by Andy Hall. His designed was well received by the members and it was said that "is mighty perdy" and "y'all did a swell job". 

EF Logo final copy